Sailing Instructions

CSBC Sailing Instructions: 2015

  1. Rules
    The event will be governed by the ‘Rules’ as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). The prescriptions of the RYA will apply. The events will be run by Cushendall Sailing & Boating Club.
  1. Notices to competitors.
    Notices to competitors will be posted in the clubhouse.
  1. Alteration to Sailing Instructions or Schedule
    Changes to sailing instructions will be posted for 60 minutes before the advertised start time of any race, which is not sailed back to back.
  1. Entries
    Eligible boats may be entered by completing registration on the official entry form before the series begins. All boats must enter their sail number and must display that number on their mainsail throughout the race.
  1. Safety
    In all races owners must ensure crews are properly prepared and clothed to face bad weather and that boats are suitably prepared. In all dinghy races all competitors must wear personal flotation devices at all time when afloat. Wetsuits and drysuits are not adequate personal buoyancy.
  1. Measurement
    The Race Committee may permit a yacht to use sails carrying distinguishing numbers other than required by RRS Appendix G1 only, in exceptional circumstances. Such requests must be made in writing to the Race Officer.
    Yardsticks, Clyde CA Handicaps for each boat will be agreed by the club’s officers and will be published on the notice board the morning of the event.
  1. Signals made ashore
    Flag signals ashore will be made at the front of the clubhouse
  1. Schedule of Races
    Races will be as posted in the club Events Calendar. Warning Signal time will be as stated. Where 2 races are scheduled they will be sailed back to back, Race 2 warning signal shortly after the finish of Race 1.
  1. Racing Area
    The racing area will be in Red Bay unless otherwise stated in the Events Calendar.
  1. Courses
    The CSBC marks or Courses Card will be used unless otherwise stated with a number and optional letter denoting the course to be sailed. The course or course number will be communicated in the clubhouse and may be also be communicated on VHF Ch 8.
  1. Marks
    The course marks will be CSBC racing marks (green & yellow barrels) and navigational marks.
  1. The Start
    Races will be started using RRS 26. The Warning signal will be ICF ‘W’.

    Start Line
    The starting line will be that formed by the mast of the Clubhouse and a Starting Mark (CSBC racing mark) specified by the CSBC course card, or a committee boat and a buoy or boat.

    Starts with no Race Officer (cruiser fleets only)
    Starting signals will be made from a designated ‘Race Boat’ on VHF Ch 8. All yachts should keep a record of their elapsed time. The elapsed time should be reported to the ‘Race Boat’ at finishing.

  1. The Finish
    The finishing line will be that formed by a mark of the course and the mast of the Clubhouse, or a committee boat and a buoy
  1. Time Limit
    For ‘Cup’ races, in amendment to RRS 35 any boat failing to finish within 60 minutes of the leading boat shall be scored ‘Did Not Finish’. The time limit for the leading boat on the race will be 2 hours.
    For ‘Series’ races, in amendment to RRS 35 any boat failing to finish within 40 minutes of the leading boat shall be scored ‘Did Not Finish’. The time limit for the leading boat on the race will be 80 minutes
  1. Protests and Requests for Redress
    Protests shall be written on forms provided by the Race Officer, and lodged with the Race Officer within 1 hour of the finishing time of the last race of the session. Protests will be held in the order of receipt as soon as possible.
  1. Scoring
    The Low-Point scoring system, RRS Appendix A will apply. The number of races to be sailed and discards will be as stated in the club Event Calendar.
  1. Rescheduled Races
    Tuesday series races which are not sailed are automatically rescheduled to Thursday of the same week and will carry the same race number. If on that Thursday evening the race is again lost, it will not be re-sailed. Timings are similar.

    Saturday series races not sailed will be automatically rescheduled to the Sunday of that week and will carry the same race number. The start time will be advised at that time. If that Sunday race is again lost, it will not be re-sailed.

    Cup races not sailed will be rescheduled, new date and time will be posted on the club notice board and may be posted on the website

  1. CSBC Crash Boats
    Sailors are reminded that any crew and passengers in CSBC rescue boats must wear lifejackets or appropriate buoyancy and must be suitably dressed to meet the conditions at all times.
  1. Rubbish Disposal
    Boats shall not throw rubbish into the water. Rubbish may be deposited on support and official boats.
  1. Prizes
    Results will be advised ASAP and perpetual trophies will be awarded at the Club Annual Dinner
  1. Risk Statement and Insurance
    As stated in the Notice of Race.

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