Health and Safety Notice

Health and Safety Notice – Issued 26th June 2012


Following the recent fire and total loss of Carrickfergus Sailing Club Building I would like bring to everyone’s attention the following Health & Safety measures related to CSBC Club House.

• The Electrical meter and Boiler rooms are to remain locked and are not to be used for storage. (Please note : I have removed items from electrical switch room and left in Training Room until alternative storage is found. These should not be put back into this room).

• All electrical equipment within the building, with a plug top (and without a dedicated notice and isolation switch) must be unplugged when the building is closed. See list below :

o Radios, water heaters, extension leads, chargers, micro-waves, dish/glass washers.

• Light fittings are to be not to have anything placed over or beside them which would impede their ventilation.

o Please note: Includes low voltage bar fittings and wall lights.

• No one is permitted to interfere with the electrical circuits without authorisation from the Maintenance and/or Health & Safety Officers.

• Under no circumstances should petrol, diesel or gas be stored in the building, irrespective of whether it is in a suitable container.

• No flammable material is to be stored under the internal or external stair cases.

Thank you for your co-operation in advance,


Ciaran O’Reilly

Health and Safety Officer



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