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Tuesday Points 4

Results from last nights windy race:

  1. Insider (927) [3805]
  2. Wardance (927) [3829] {4131}
  3. Red Alert (870) [3652] {4198}
  4. Aurora (927) [3945] {4256}
  5. Gunsmoke (1024) [4417] {4313}
  6. Seabird (1169) rtd

(PY) [elapsed seconds] {corrected seconds}


Tuesday Cruiser Racing

Tonights racing was postponed until Thursday due to lack of wind.

After the race on Thursday there will be a meeting in the clubhouse to discuss the Redbay Challenge Trophy.

Skippers are reminded that the rules of this trophy state that all boats are required to bring their own tenders to Sanda and back.

Red Bay Challenge Cup

This offshore race for cruisers will be held on Sat 7th June. Cruisers will sail to Sanda on Fri evening (6th June) and supper will be provided at the bar (thanks to Dick).

The race will start in Sanda on Sat at 9.30am and boats will race home to Red Bay.

Everyone welcome to round off the day with music and fork supper in the Club (book with Michael on 07803115294)

(Meeting Thur 5th June in Club to confirm weather/marks etc)